From flaw to flow.

Simpler EDI. Happier Partners. Better Results. Logistics require precise processes to provide the reliability customers demand. Munich Data Quality guarantees uncomplicated and easy to integrate data integrity solutions for your business of any size.

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EDI data quality doesn't have to be complicated.

Poor data quality reduces the benefits of EDI. If important data is incorrect or not available at all, even the most sophisticated process won't work. Your customers rely on your data integrity.

Our aspiration.

Complete transparency of data formats. Modern EDI is comprehensible without misunderstandings and prevents errors or fines for breach of contract.

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Data integrity

Electronic data exchange should reduce manual effort, not increase it. You and your customers should always be able to rely on your data.
Safe processes

Incorrect data oftentimes cause undetected process errors at a later stage. We provide more transparency in your process chain.
Customer trust

Your data, just like your goods, represents the reliability of your company. Focus on your business while we take care of your data quality.