We are a hands-on company

Munich Data Quality has been founded to solve everyday life problems within EDI. We know the difficulties of mass rollouts and have ourselves implemented EDI interfaces by means of confusing guidelines. We know that many EDI departments are lacking staff and that this leads to delays arising in the realization of important projects. And we are convinced that EDI as a technology has not exploited its full potential by far.

Ask yourself: Which projects could you realize, if your EDI experts were not constantly bound in protracted data analyses? How much staff, time and money would you safe, if you could automate your partner rollouts to a large extend? And how much more security would you gain, if your EDI processes were monitored in real time for errors?

With our solutions, we aim for making electronic data interchange easier and more transparent and secure. Thereby, we want to contribute to making this technology controllable for companies of every size and to making it a pillar of their digitalization strategies.